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A Tale of Three Kings: A Study in Brokenness by Gene Edwards: Lessons

I read this book a few weeks ago by the recommendation of a friend. It was a short and powerful book. If you’re interested in being a leader or you’ve experienced church hurt in any, I’d advice to read this book. Gene Edwards uses the characters of King Saul, King David and Absalom to teach a lesson about godly leadership and what to do when people hurt us in the Kingdom. When reading this book I advise that you should examine your own heart of any changes that you need to make. Here are my takeaways from the book.

★ When God’s anoints/calls a person he/she isn’t put in the path of popularity and influence, they’re however, enrolled in the school of brokenness. God wants men and women who have been through pain and struggle. God wants broken people…

God has a university. It’s a small school. Few enrol, even fewer graduate. Very, very few indeed.

God has this school because He does not have broken men. Instead He has several other types of men. He has men who claim to be God’s authority…and aren’t; men who claim to be broken…and aren’t. And men who are God’s authority, but who are mad and unbroken. And He has, regretfully, a spectroscopic mixture of everything in between….. In God’s sacred school of submission and brokenness, why are there so few students? Because all who are in this school must suffer much pain.

★ God most likely won’t tell you who’s His anointed and who isn’t. You have to observe their fruits. However, just like King Saul, a leader can be anointed by God and still bear bad fruit. And you will never know for sure who’s God’s anointed and who isn’t.

★ Mad leaders (like King Saul) throw spears at people who they believe are a threat to their kingdom. They always claim that they have the right to throw spears at people. If your leader is truly God’s anointed and he throws spears at other people, then he’s leader (king) after the order of King Saul (as opposed to King David).

★ When people throw spears at you, you can dodge, grab those spears and throw them back. Everyone does that all the time. People will call you courageous. You won’t be pushed around and manipulated. No one should dare hurt you again. Your reputation we won’t be dare tarnished in any way. You’ll stand up for what’s right. “You’re the defender of the faith, keeper of the flame, detector of all heresy.”. You’ll be seen as a strong’leader. Yes, you may be God’s anointed. But after the order of King Saul. You may be even be crowned the best spear thrower in all of history!!! But you’ll be a mad leader by then.

One, never learn anything about the fashionable, easily-mastered art of spear throwing. Two, stay out of the company of all spear throwers. And three, keep your mouth tightly closed. 

In this way, spears will never touch you, even when they pierce your heart.

★ We don’t like being under a King Saul type of leader. We don’t spears to be thrown at us. However, God is looking at another King Saul. The King Saul IN YOU. Yes, King Saul resides in everyone of us. God cuts away the inner King Saul in you through the external King Saul who is your leader. And yes, it will hurt!!

★ King David type of leaders leave after they’ve had spears thrown at them without uttering a word and without tearing apart a Kingdom (i.e. a church) by dragging members along with them. These type of leaders know how to leave quietly and alone.

“Better he kill me than I learn his ways. Better he kill me than I become as he is. I shall not practice the ways that cause kings to go mad. I will not throw spears, nor will I allow hatred to grow in my heart. I will not avenge. I will not destroy the Lord’s anointed. Not now. Not ever!”

★ Sometimes when we sincerely pray for the power (or revival) of God to work in our lives we harbour secret and dark motives in our heart. We secretly want to be famous and be applauded as a spiritual giant by people. And God answers these prayers!! Why? He gives unworthy vessels his power to that the true internal nakedness of a man will be revealed. That is why you know of ministers who preach powerfully with miraculous signs and wonders, and yet live shamelessly in overt sin. And when God gives gifts he never takes them back (Romans 11:29). The empowerment of the Spirit helps you do ‘great things’ for God while the infilling of the Spirit changes you internally and makes you produce the fruits of the Spirit. The difference is huge and important.

Even as men pray these prayers, they are hollow inside. There is little internal spiritual growth. Prayer for power is the quick and short way, circumnavigating internal growth.

What does the world need: Gifted men, outwardly empowered? Or broken men, inwardly transformed?

★ In our haste we may wage war after a leader who is a King David presuming him to be a King Saul and we cause irrevocable damage to the person’s reputation.

However, the passing of time (and the behaviour of your leader while that time passes) reveals a great deal about your leader.

And the passing of time, and the way you react to that leader—be he David or Saul—reveals a great deal about YOU. 

★ People who preach excessively on authority only prove that they have none. And leaders who constantly harp about submission are afraid that they are not true leaders sent by God and they’re afraid of rebellion.

..authority from God is not afraid of challengers, makes no defense, and cares not one whit if it must be dethroned.

★ Many leaders when building an empire, a kingdom or a church are unrealistically optimistic that the people they lead will always be accepting of them and their plans. That is naive. You need to anticipate that there will difficulties and that people will abandon you and hurt you. And when a leader sees that his plans aren’t working because of people limitations, he can take a dark path and become a tyrant/dictator.

You see, there is no kingdom without discord. Even God had his critics in heaven, you know. All kingdoms follow a bumpy course. And people, especially God’s people never follow any dream unison.

★ Rebels who ascend the throne by rebellion  have no patience with other rebels and their rebellion.

★ In the Kingdom of God, rebellion isn’t proper and God won’t bless any form of rebellion or division whatsoever.

★ A person who leads a rebellion has a critical nature, bad character and dark motives in the heart. He/She is a thief because he/she uses division to create dissatisfaction in the kingdom and takes power or followers in the process. People are scared to start from scratch. It is easier to steal people from another kingdom instead of starting their own. There many people scattered over the world who are willing to follow a godly leader, there is no need to steal.

Beginning empty-handed and alone frightens the best of men. It also speaks volumes of just how sure they are that God is with them. Their every word, if seen true, tells of their insecurity.

★ It is better to lose your position of power in the Kingdom than to become a Saul or an Absalom to maintain it. It is God’s Kingdom not yours.

God put me here it is not my responsibility. to take, or keep authority.

★ Desire to seek God’s will not His power or a leadership position.

★ God’s government rests on a person with a contrite heart.

★ A godly leader won’t destroy the reputation of other people when they are ripping his/her reputation apart. God guards their reputation.

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