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Becoming An Effective Witness

Some steps to take to become a more effective witness for Christ:

1) I believe that the most important step we can take is finding & developing ways of deepening our intimacy with God for ourselves (i.e. prayer, bible study/meditation, spiritual disciplines etc.).

2)  We also need to develop a strong relationship/intimacy with our fellow believers. John 13:35 says that people will know that we’re Jesus’ disciples by our love for one another. If you read that verse, you’ll notice that it didn’t emphasise our love for the world (which is important) but our love to each other as Christians.

3) When it comes to engaging people with the Good News, I believe it is important for us to recognise the diversity of the environment around us. The problem is that we depend on formulaic, standardised, cookie-cutter methods to evangelism and apologetics. We neglect the fact that each audience/listener has a different heart condition, worldview and culture. Some other people are so closed-minded that they believe that only their methods of evangelism are the best or most effective while other approaches are invalid or weak. We can’t use the same method for all everyone we encounter and expect it to work. We need to do our very best to sit down and engage people to understand their world view. And that may take time. We need to be loving and patient. People can tell whether you genuinely care about them or whether you just want to force your faith on them.

As O.S Guinness argues, “Almost all our witnessing and Christian communication assumes that people are open to what we have to say, or at least are interested, if not in need of what we are saying. Yet most people quite simply are not open, not interested and not needy, and in much of the advanced modern world fewer people are open today than even a generation ago. Indeed, many are more hostile, and their hostility is greater than the Western church has faced for centuries.” [1]

He argues that we need to be creative in our persuasion (Creative Persuasion as he called it) and I wholeheartedly agree. We need to trust the Spirit to give us wisdom in how we engage each person individually. Creativity is a very power tool in for evangelism and apologetic.


[1] Guinness, Os. (2015). Fool’s Talk: Recovering the Art of Christian Persuasion (Kindle Locations 251-252). InterVarsity Press. Kindle Edition.


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