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Lose Your Reputation: An Inner Dialogue

Editor’s Note: This is a true inner dialogue I had with myself about showing God’s love to a lady at school. Enjoy!! 

Siji: *Walks into school chapel* *Sees a lady at the entrance*

Benevolent Siji: Tell her that she is beautiful.

Siji: *Walks towards her direction*

Skeptical Siji: Absolutely not!!! You’ll be perceived as a creep or a pervert. She’ll think that you like her and/or that you want to get in her pants/skirt.

Siji: *Stops* I gotta agree with Mr Skeptical here. I don’t like being perceived that way. It makes me feel uncomfortable.

Benevolent Siji: Is your heart (motive) pure for saying that to the girl?

Siji: Well, yeah. I just have desire to tell her that, with no intention of wanting anything from her.

Benevolent Siji: I agree but I don’t think your heart is as pure as you think?

Siji: What are you talking about?

Benevolent Siji: I’m not talking about the sexuality stuff. You have a bigger problem in your heart.

Siji: I’m waiting! Get to your point.

Benevolent Siji: It’s your reputation.

Skeptical Siji: Huh? What are you talking about?

Benevolent Siji: You love your reputation more than you love people. You think that protecting your reputation is more important than sharing God’s love with that lady.

Skeptical Siji: C’mon, it’s not that bad.

Benevolent Siji: Yes, it is!! And you know it. Your reputation is an idol in your heart. You need to deal with that Siji.

Siji: *Feels convicted*

Skeptical Siji: Wait a minute. What about all those stories that your lady friends tell you + what you see in society (especially media culture) about how most guys that complement them either use them or betray them or want something from them.

Benevolent Siji: So what? Even if all the guys in her life that have told that her betrayed her and used her for their self-gratification. Why not be the first guy who breaks that cycle? Have you thought that maybe her father never called her ‘beautiful’? Or worse, no one has ever told her that she’s beautiful?

Skeptical Siji: Oh c’mon. You don’t have to be the one who breaks the cycle. Why can it not be someone else?

Benevolent Siji: Oh shut up! If not you, who else will it be? You’re ‘the someone else.’

Siji: Alright fine! I get your point.

Benevolent Siji: Good!! Be a man, Siji!! And show God’s love and kindness to people even if it means being misunderstood and losing your reputation. After all, don’t you claim to believe that your reputation is hidden in Christ and you really can’t lose it?

Siji: Well, chapel has started. It’s too late now. She’s gone.

Benevolent Siji: No problem. For now, get rid of that reputation idol. Next time, be ready to take action. In fact, be militant about it!

Watch this video: You Are Beautiful

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